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What Makes EnviroSoil™ Different

Soil is a delicate structure that requires extreme care when moving or disturbing the upper layer, during activities such as mining, civil or construction works. If planned soil movement isn’t a considered project phase, the soil composition and profile can be negatively affected through loss of nutrients, leading to lifeless soil. If this occurs, the only remediation solution is the implementation of a topsoil alternative. This issue should be tread as a high priority as it can lead to extensive environmental damage from weather events such as wind or rain erosion.

Our trialled and tested topsoil alternative, referred to as EnviroSoil is an engineered formula designed to breathe life back into the ground. It consists of sophisticated, Hydraulic Topsoil Biotic Soil Amendments (BSA), designed to improve the composition of deficient soils that lack fundamental nutrients and bioactivity. This BSA act’s as a complete topsoil and compost erosion control solution, intended to be hydraulically applied through a HydroTruck cannon onto the substrate area in a consistent slurry.

“EnviroSoil is a smarter way to reclaim your land, overcome site challenges and
replace depleted soils.”

Once applied the effective combination of thermally-refined organic fibres with high carbon and natural soil conditioners, seaweed extracts and mineral blends work as a coactive solution to rectify and improve the growth potential of root development. The implementation of thermally treated fibres not only provides a core foundation for erosion control but also acts as the primary food source for microbial colonies to regenerate during the initial seed development. This unique blend of materials stimulates the soil to mirror the natural soil cycle and underpins the internal biological process of plant germination.

The development and restoration of healthy plant cover will support the establishment of a biodiverse root system, acting as a mechanical barrier and protection from the impacts of rain and erosion.

Seven Key Benefits:
Enhanced Growth Stimulation: Improves root growth and increases photosynthesis by creating a healthy and active soil environment.

Improved Absorption: provides increased plant water and nutrient absorption capacity within the root system, which helps reduce compaction.

Erosion Control: The engineered blend of materials support the foundation of the substrate, allowing for superior erosion control.

Soil Structure: Effectively improves existing soil structures and pore space, by allowing for water infiltration and root penetration for a supportive ecosystem.

Weed Free: Utilises high grade organic fibre mulch, soil conditioners & mineral blends to ensure that EnviroSoil remains weed-seed free.

Project Diversity: Many areas across Australia are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, which can affect the growth of vegetation. EnviroSoil is however designed to help combat this issue with several projects tried, tested and proven to be successful in the bleak landscapes.

Cost Saving: Created with the ease of application in mind; EnviroSoil ensures that project schedule times are almost half than traditional methodologies. This strategy also assists with reducing your overall projects costs, thus keeping your budget in the green.

EnviroSoil has an extensive and highly regarded history of experienced and efficient work in the remediation industry; having completed works on many major site restoration projects throughout Australia for almost two decades. If you would like more information on how we can assist with your next environmental project contact the team below.


We understand that no two projects are the same and that information is paramount when making decisions.

Our highly qualified team will respond to your enquiry and make sure you have all the information you need to make the most effective decision for your particular project.

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