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8 Active Components of EnviroSoil

The team at EnviroSoil have had an extensive and highly regarded history in the environmental remediation industry; having completed works on major site restoration projects throughout Australia for almost two decades. Our environmental experts have engineered EnviroSoil to maximises on active botanicals for enhanced growth and ongoing vegetation support for companies looking to reclaim their land by replacing depleted soils.

EnviroSoil is made up of eight key ingredients that form the foundation for its mechanical structure — designed to rejuvenate some of the most nutrient-deficient substrates nationwide. Soils associated with disruption during construction, mining and development are typically lacking in essential elements that assist in underpinning plant life. The following active components assist in providing these soils with new life.


  1. BioActive Soil Conditioner:
    This concentrated liquid additive contains beneficial bacteria that improve the soil structure by increasing aeration, moisture retention, and nutrients. It is also scientifically recognised for meeting the Australian Standards AS4454, which emphasis its ability to loosen up compacted hard soils while suppressing plant disease and pests.

  2. Microbial Inoculant:
    The establishment of microbial inoculant is supported by the microorganisms that work within the soil to improve the fertility and health of the soil. This soil amendment activity helps break down organic matter to promote a healthy foundation for vegetation growth. This active components also Includes vesicular-arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungi (VAM) known to improve the nutrient status of plants, increase growth and development, protect plants against pathogens and confer resistance to drought and salinity.

  3. Natural Engineered Plant Fibres:
    This fibrous material can provide extensive erosion control and maintains high levels of water retention. Possessing extreme strength, renewability and sustainability, by reinforcing its mechanical performance and helping underpin the successful activity of other critical additives within the soil.

  4. Mineral Fertiliser Blend:
    Mineral trace elements specifically designed to be added to counterbalance insufficient minerals that may be required to meet the client’s objectives effectively. Additional benefits include improved development for advanced root systems.

  5. Kelp:
    More commonly referred to as marine algae, kelp is a product derived from the ocean seabed. This product is known for supporting and feeding microbial life, which is essential for stimulating plant growth. This recourse is valued for its micro and macronutrients, rich in nitrogen phosphorus and potassium – the three crucial ingredients for plant growth.

  6. Site-Specific Fertiliser:
    Before any work is commenced on-site, our environmental specialists take thorough soil samples to determine the characteristics of the soil profile and understand the extent to which it lacks nutrients. This analysis will help in deciding on a tailored solution, designed to amend any issues of concern and to maximise success on site-specific requirements.

  7. High Carbon Humate Soil Conditioner:
    An organic matter that is sourced from rich soil substrates and derived from highly concentrated carbon humate soil conditioners. A highly regarded soil treatment and microorganism stimulant, known for actively providing support during revegetation works.

  8. Biochar:
    Biochar is produced during the process of heating organic materials such as; crop waste, grass, woodchips and manure in a high temperature, low oxygen process known as pyrolysis. The byproduct of this procedure produces Biochar – a rich charcoal substance that can be applied to soil mixtures to improve:
  • nutrient storage and availability
  • soil structure
  • water-holding capacity
  • an abundance of mycorrhizal fungi, assisting nutrient uptake by plants.


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